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Cool packaging and other collectibles

What do you collect?

I have a canny friend with a knack of collecting gorgeous art for not very much money (I'll be featuring her soon), while my stylish but freaky neighbour is obsessed with Victorian vibrators.

Collecting things (or, as my father likes to call it, when talking to my mother, "Oh no, not more rubbish we don't have any room for...") runs in my family. On my mother's side, clearly. My brother has been through unmanageable configurations of antique tins, obscure old beer bottles and vintage lighters, my mum - hard to know where to start -long cherished her ancient teddy bear collections, and has a glorious arrangment of mismatched, elderly plates.

Me, I've got far too many versions of most things, but always find it hard to resist a nice bit of packaging (like this lot, which lives on a kitchen shelf). Can't leave a secondhand bookshop without a new/old paperback with a sexy cover, either...

But never mind all that - what do you collect? I'm compiling a series of themed reader galleries. Send me some snaps and details of what you can't resist... kate_burt at

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