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Fantastic vintage fabric

Who knew this stylish fabric store existed? may have a rather odd name, but its selection of fabrics, both vintage and new, is lovely. I stumbled across this vintage 'Carribbean Vignette' design while looking for cushions/covers for my kitchen bench. It's totally not right, but I love it... and will now try to find somewhere else it might fit. I also don't need the 'Cowboy Vignette' fabric (£10.99 per metre), which is in the same vein as the Wild West-themed Cath Kidston print... but I'm working hard to find a reason to.

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  1. What a wonderful website. I'm still looking for goldfish-print fabric for garden cushions. I saw some fabulous stuff on a Hawaiian barkcloth website, but it would have cost five times the cost of the fabric to mail it from Honolulu. I was tempted...