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SCP's affordable Kiosk
gift range

I'm a sucker for a nice bit of packaging. I can't usually afford things in the gorgeous SCP shop, however their new Kiosk range of gifts, on sale from 17 September, are debit card friendly and rather delicious. 

This cute Kaufmann's cream, from Germany (above), may be a tad pricey for what it is at £7.99 - but a pretty package is not just for Christmas (see below). A lovely present for stylish women who want mitts as soft as a baby's bum (or just a lovely tin to display artfully). 

There are so many tempting other items in SCP's Kiosk collection too, from an old-school carpet beater (£44.99) to a Japanese butterfly can opener (£13.99), beautifully packaged Finnish chalk (£9.80), a red plastic pocket flask (£11.30) and a cute Portuguese weather rooster (£11.99). 

Nice box: colourful packaging in my bathroom foraged from many holiday
shopping trips. I like to think it detracts from the rather unsightly uPVC windows

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