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Lovely 'Lucky' Bunting
by Xtina Lamb

There's something marvellously nostalgic about a bit of bunting. But as nostalgia has become big business, so the revival in bunting has often gone a little twee, girlie girlie and floral. Nothing wrong with any of that - but I've just seen so much of it. 

So I was excited to discover illustrator Xtina Lamb's 'Lucky' bunting - a lovely set of cute illustrations symbolising good luck, from four-leafed clovers to black cats and horseshoes, on unusual shaped pieces of fabric. The flags cover a length of approx 150cm, with extra tape of about 70cm at each end (you can also request longer tape ends) and cost around £24. You can also commission specific designs. 

Great for a stylish well-wishing party - or why not just hang above a kitchen window or bedroom mirror, to help you to feel lucky every day?

Xtina's Etsy shop, Printed Wonders, has some other nicely illustrated goodies too. 

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