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Another Xmas present idea: recycled notepad

Not only is this pretty notepad biodegradable and made from as many recycled components as possible – it's also refillable. My absolute favourite thing in a notebook. Along with having an elastic strap – oh, it's got one of those too (only this one's made, rather brilliantly, from a bra strap). It's got feint lines and comes with 216 pages of them, and is one-size only – A5 (surely the ideal notebook size, too, no?). All it is missing, as are all potentially perfect notebooks (in my search thus far, at least), is some tabs to separate your projects. Not much to ask, is it? 

You can call your notebook Natalie – as its makers have, as each of their notebook designs is named after a famous, eco-friendly female. But – forgive me eco ignorance – who are they on about? Do let us know if you do...

Natalie costs £14.99 from Reecovid

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