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Arno Maasdorp's super cool supper club home

Last week I interviewed the very creative Arno Maasdorp, who runs the renowned Saltoun Supper Club in Brixton. 

It's for the Independent and is part of a bigger piece about people who change their homes around a lot – it's not published until next Friday. Meanwhile, when I was over there I couldn't resist taking some snaps of his incredible flat. He has a really unique style and his creativity really inspired me. Have a look around...

Rattan bowls are pinned all over one of his dining room walls. Such a simple, and affordable, idea – but really clever thinking, and it looks so cool.


Love Arno's display of antique teacups – if you've got enough of anything, creating a little collection of whatever it is is a great way to decorate – and best of all you can use things you already have. Arno is planning to swap the cups for glass domes filled with all sorts of different geometric shaped things soon.

Who needs huge works of art to fill a big blank space? I love this display of quirky little objects pinned to the wall.

I have this fantastic Gilbert & George swear box too. Mine isn't signed by the artists though...

So bold to paint the stairs black. I love it. And these bright giant jelly baby dolls are a great touch. Repetition can work wonders.

Habitat's floating frames (above left) are my favourite. So classy. I love how the landing becomes a work of art (by the way, on top of the little child-size chair is a tray of fake grass and a glass dome filled with little dolls).

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