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This wall space was previously dead. Or, perhaps, alive with the groaning of badly folded bedclothes and towels, piled high on a too-small Ikea cupboard (see inset, below). Now... it is full of the most spectacular piece of G-Plan kitsch I have seen in a long time (in my humble opinion). Scroll down to see more of this fabulous tallboy, which I found for £120 on eBay a few weeks ago...

This, left, is the sad state of this corner of the landing... before. But below, marvel at the wondrous beauty of the tapering drawers (thinner at the top than the bottom); the old-gold coloured knobs (see how they match with the strange geometric light I also found on eBay a few years ago from Rupert Blanchard, who now runs the rather brilliant "upcycling" site, Styling and Salvage.

What a beauty.

I remember my mum's version of upcycling in the Eighties - she had all our old Bentwood dining chairs painted in Laura Ashley green, and adorned with garlands of painted flowers. Ditto the piano. I must find some pictures - a family friend was bequeathed one of the chairs when my parents moved house. But I digress...

And check out those feet. Nice.

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