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A big apple! Sweet storage from Our Workshop

I've been spending a LOT of time in my office in the last few months. And my desk – particularly as it is not large – is always full of notebooks, Post-its, a diary open at the right page, business cards, to-do lists... all things that I need to hand, but which look a mess when I (finally) turn off the light and go and do something else. It'd be great to be able to bung the whole lot in something that would hide them all – if only for the illusion of looking tidy. And this lovely Granny Smith storage container, from Our Workshop, could be the answer...

Think it could also make great bathroom storage if you have a suitable shelf or ledge (sponges and soaps and razors are all ugly things to have lying around the bath if you can avoid it). Or in the bedroom to bung all your make-up in, or even the kitchen – for teabags.

Brilliantly, it comes in red, too, and in two different sizes: 20cm x 20cm for £20.50 and 300cm x 300cm for £43.

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