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Pretty postcard prints
from Mercy

What a lovely surprise it was when these four pretty postcard prints arrived on the doormat – a present from supercool design agency, Mercy

Each card features a blend of rather inspiring quotes from two great thinkers (named at the bottom of each, shaking hands). Sadly, these gems are not for sale in the online shop (though you can buy some of their other goodies and check out all the rather lovely design work they do). 

Wisdom comes from well-known brains such as Victor Hugo, Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry Miller, as well as from lesser-known names (to me, at least) including Rachel Carson and Zeno. Below are close-ups so you can see who said which quote. And for similar text-based art of an affordable variety, you could try the Keep Calm Gallery, or order a bespoke quote from Karen Miller of Devon Driftwood.

Right – I'm off to put these babies in frames and hang them by my bed. Just the thing to look at on a rainy morning.

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