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Clever upcycled jam jar lamps

I just came across this pretty chandelier, above, made from jam jars on Etsy (and, below, there's one made from an amber glass pitcher right, and a pendant lampshade light made from a plastic jelly mould).

Sadly Boots n Gus, the shop behind this clever creation, only delivers to the States, where it is based. (And not surprising, as this mama would weigh quite a bit to post.) But for those with craft aspirations or, even better, actual skills – the images of all the ingenious things the owner has fabricated out of, essentially, rubbish, are super inspiring. *UPDATE: have heard from Fritz Fryer antique lighting, in the UK, who say they can fashion customers similar lamps, and for around the same price - $130/£80 *

The lamp made from glasses, left, is super simple – as there is just one single light source in the middle, with the coloured glasses simply clustered around the central bulb (encased, here, inside a jar; but with heat-proof glass you could do the same with a bare bulb)...

I'd love to see your own creative endeavours so please drop me a line and a snap if you'd like to share.

For more lighting inspiration, read my recent 'how-to' lighting tips in the Independent on Sunday.

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