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Industrial house tuning

Sticking with the industrial theme (see post below), I have been poring over the luscious new images illustrating French company, Bodie & Fou's new range by the Danish design firm, House Doctor (love their blog). 

Below are some favourite shots and products, plus a few cheaper copycat tips...

(C) lifestyle image courtoisy of Johanna Vintage

The 'Have a seat' industrial stools, above, cost £79.99. But what about that great idea on the wall in the background – dinky box shelves, backed with different scraps of wallpaper. Clever.

This Industrial clip-on light, above, would make a great kitchen task light, clipped onto some shelves in your favourite recipe book reading spot: cosy yet no-nonsense. £82.

I've been nurturing a monochrome urge for a while, this look (top) shows just how soft the look can be. I'm inspired. Don't you just want to move in here? I do. Love the cute, white ceramics on the black shelves. The Owl Vase is £22.50. 

As recycling goes, this Pallet Coffee Table (above and below) is a pretty swish version – it costs a whopping £550. But you could knock one up yourself for just a few pounds. There are plenty of sites selling big castors from around £10 a pop. Ideally, find a salvageable pallet that's been chucked out, or sweet-talk your local DIY store for one as they generally come in bulk if you want to buy, or can be expensive. When you have found one, there's even a rather brilliant looking book all about building stuff from pallets to provide the technical tips.

Still on the pallet tip, I thought these cinema seats (below) made for the stylish Deptford Project's Silent Cinema by JailMake last summer were very clever – and beautiful. Let them inspire you into creating your own designer piece.
Nice big red letters. Not cheap (£139). But do check out the inspiring Bodie & Fou blog, which has a long post featuring lots of lovely pictures of variations on these letters, used in various creative ways in nice rooms (see above for starters). 
And for a shabbily chic – and much cheaper – version, try Camel and Yak. While Into The Woodshed has some nice colourful varieties, from around £40.


  1. These images are great, Im a big fan of industrial chic and the whole reclaimed look. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it though. :P

  2. Hey Lola - They're gorgeous, aren't they? Can't think what's not to love - as long as the chunky/wholesome vibe isn't overdone, as here, it's a winner look - K

  3. Lovely feature and great photos. And yes I agree it's great to see unique items combined with contemporary furnishings. Individuality is key to bring personality and originality to an interior.

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