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Vintage desk accessories
from ebay

I'm trying to find a little desk for my new home office at the moment. Which, because I probably spend too much time at a desk, is happening via the medium of eBay. I'm not having much luck. But while looking (procrastinatingly, under some rather broad search terms) I came across all sorts of gorgeous desk accessory goodies. They're all still for sale for a little while... let me know if anyone buys any of them.

How cute is this quirky, fold-out toucan desk lamp? He's on sale until Sunday, with a starting bid of £60. 

This 1950s Smiths Sectra desk clock is an absolute classic piece of design. 19cm high, it is in full working order and also auctioning on Sunday. The current bid is £34.99.

Love this elegant but dinky-sized 1970s table lamp, which measures just 27cm high. It needs a little electrical tinkering (it is currently wired to run from a car lighter) which is why the price is currently just £12.99.

This is an unusual design for a desktop perpetual calendar.

Love the funny Art Deco-y font on the month cards – though the seller reckons it's 1940s or 50s rather than older. It's made from brass and bakelite.

It measures 9cm high and is on sale until 31 May, currently priced at £49.99.

This unusual vintage Mura desk set – containing a rubber, ink, labels and a tape measure – would make a good gift for a stylish student-to-be, or someone with stylish home office about to launch into a life of self-employment doing something arty. It's a Sunday auction and the current price is £8.99.


  1. Love these gorgeous finds! Even if you can't find what you're after on eBay, there's always something else fabulous worth bidding for...

    These small desks may be of interest to you:
    Retro danish
    50s industrial
    Maroon machinist

    I could go on... :-)


  2. Love them - particularly the first desk. I think I saw that on my hunt, but the wrong shape for where it needs to go, sadly... so gorgeous. Do love your blog, too.