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Today I'm loving...
Howkapow's new stuff

I've mentioned Howkapow a few times here already. And when I got their latest newsletter, packed with fresh-in-store goodies, I thought I'd do a little spotlight on the company. 

Run by Cat and Rog How (see what they've done there?), a young and very cool looking pair whose aim is to bring colourful designs and fresh young talent with "smile inducing style" (nice!) to a wider audience through their shop. Here are some of my current favourite Howkapow things...

Tea-towel, £9
Love the word order of this 100% linen tea-towel – because it's correct. Those pedantic about tea-making (like me) will either be raging at their screens or quietly cheering. The rest of of you will, hopefully, just be thinking, "That's a nice tea-towel".

But back to pedantsville, briefly: milk-in-first is often argued to be correct. But unless you're doing things properly with a teapot, in which case the rule is reversed it should be the other way around. Why? Cold milk + boiling water = not-quite-boiling-water-temperature. And tea needs water to be boiling to brew beautifully. When that's done, as the tea-towel says, you can put in your milk (and sugar). In fact, the tea-towel is inspired by Indian chai, which clearly has its own gloriously pedantic rituals...

Set of four mugs, £35
These bold, geometrically patterned mugs are perfect for a splash of colour in an understated kitchen. Equally good for indecisive types who change the colour of their walls as often as I'd like to (if only someone would come and paint them for me every six months). And if you like these, you might just love the striking Katy Binks pop print also on offer (I'm slightly obsessed with its mesmerising colour co-ordination).

Leaning Man side table, £175
I love the simplicity of design in this handsome little side table/cupboard – it needs no fixing as the wall holds it in place just by being there. It's by up and coming young company, &Then Design, which consists of 20-somethings, Jamie Bowler and Samuel Wright. They have all sorts of other goodies for sale on their own website (the 'Thought Jar' light is totally fantastic) as well as a coming-soon gifts and accessories range.

Desk print, £50
The clean lines and air of functionality expressed in this print through the shape of the uncluttered desk and unfussy colours inspires me to finish off my own office. A project that started with a bang, and then turned into a damp squib as work and life took over my grand plans for a serene place to sit every day. Soon... soon... And meanwhile, I can look at this.

The limited edition print is by designer and illustrator, Tom Rowe, who loves a bit of obsolete machinery. See more of his work here.

Four-pack of cards, £12
It's the expressions on the faces of these fishy fancy dress costumes I particularly love – they just look so endearingly baffled.

They're far too good to send: a foursome, framed, in the bathroom would look lovely.

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