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Lovely children's shop:
Little Yellow Birds

I just came across Little Yellow Birds, a gorgeous online store specialising in stylish things for small people (though I think bigger people could comfortably commandeer quite a few...). Lots of very sweet stuff, most of which I hadn't come across before (I've slightly fallen in love with the shadow-puppet wallpaper). Here are my own favourite picks...

1. Felt ball 'Freckle' rug, £350 A little pricier than the things I usually feature but the bold colours and tactile texture just seduced me. Great for little – and large – feet to pad about on. It's circular, and measures 120cm across.

2. Little Rabbit Cushion, £30.50 How can you resist those fantastically floppy ears? Backed with red picnic cloth on the back side, this super sweet cotton cushion measures 40cm x 30cm.

3. Fine Little Day: Splash Cushion, £42 This beautifully bright and cheery cushion is by Elisabeth Dunker, the Swedish designer behind the label Studio Violet (check out her cool, quirky illustrations) and Fine Little Day (listed by the Times as one of its top 50 design blogs). The cushion measures 40cm x 40cm.

4. 'Hand Made' Wallpaper, £100 per roll (52cm x10cm) It's the kind of wall covering you can imagine a child happily staring at for hours as they listen to their favourite bedtime stories – and no excuse not to try to make your own shadow shapes the old-fashioned way, too. It's made by a nice little company called Paperboy, check out some of their other designs.

5. Blackboard Bear, £34 A slate wall-sticker for scribbling on in chalk (if you can bear, ahem, to). 50cm x 50cm.

6. Charley Harper ABCs Book, £6.95 I adore Charley Harper's artwork (I've previously featured a memory card game that uses his illustrations). As well as the animal-themed images the book also includes the inspiring (especially for budding young artists) story of how Harper began drawing as a young boy on the farm where he grew up.


  1. Hi Kate,

    Have just ended up on your site following an 'Independent link'. You've got some great ideas here, and more room than in your Independent column - Always nice to write as much you want, rather than what your editor needs!

    Will be checking back,



  2. Thanks Julian - what a nice thing to hear! Glad you enjoyed!