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A chandelier – made from
wine glasses

I recently posted about my friends' gorgeous holiday cottage in Deal... One thing I forgot to include in the post – amid all the beautiful vintage homewares – was the wonderful wine shop we went to. Borough Wines, originally in London's market of the same name, recently set up an outpost in the Kentish seaside town. A brilliant, couldn't-be-Frencher man called Benoit dazzled us with his knowledge and tastings, but I was just as impressed with the shop's lighting. Check it out, below, and you'll see why...

What a gorgeous chandelier, huh? Not only is it cunningly and most aptly made of wine glasses, but it also manages to be glamorous yet utilitarian all at once.

I wondered how the chandelier had come to be – I had idealised visions of Benoit Gallic-ly constructing it as he swigged his way through soupcons of Bordeaux to free up the glasses... and I looked up "chandelier frames" with this in mind. What I found, was much simpler: you can buy these marvellous things ready-made. And not just made out of wine glasses...

The top chandelier comes in various sizes, and is constructed from old-style milk bottles. Find it in various sizes at Amazon, for £174.99, made by Leitmotiv a super cool but not terrifyingly expensive lighting designers (you can't buy direct from them, from Amazon seems like the cheapest distributor of their stuff).

The wine glass version is £163.90 at Litecraft, currently on sale for £147.51 (down from £273).

They'd both be tricky to find the right spot for though... I think the only place they'd work is in the diner part of an open plan kitchen, or over the right dining table. Too far into a kitchen would just be too greasy, and anywhere else in the house (unless you have a bespoke wine tasting area) could feel a bit random. What do you think?


  1. Thanks for posting about us!
    We love our chandelier too, but there is nothing stopping the creativity - A friend of ours made one out of corks. Always up for some wine-themed play on interiors..

  2. Love it - though can't picture a cork chandelier at all...! Your shop is great, a pleasure to include it here.