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Fabulous formica table

What a very good idea: an old-school Formica table/desk, in that classic 1950s yellow, but newly made and customisable, according to your requirements.

Winter's Moon are the online shop behind it (they're based in gorgeous Chichester where they also exist in a non-virtual fashion, check out their visit-by-appointment details as well as finding out about their upcoming studio sale). They're also one of my favourite places to window shop digitally, they have some brilliant and brilliantly random bits and bobs – all very well edited.

The table has a birch ply top, bare solid European oak legs – unfinished – and it measures 108cm wide x 59cm deep x 74.5cm high. Rather brilliantly, if these dimensions don't suit you, Winter's Moon will organise getting you one made in a different size. Delivery is available nationwide for £20 (the legs  cunningly unscrew) and it costs £255. It's pretty pricey, but for a handcrafted new table I don't think it's bad, especially as Formica tables on  eBay are fewer and farther between, and getting more and more expensive (though there's a good yellow one, currently with no other bids, starting at for £44 and on sale in Norfolk).

My Formica kitchen worktop is exactly this shade of yellow. It was a DIY job, created using a cheap, back-to-front Wickes version (back-to-front so the square, rather than the more modern curved, edge was at the front) and covered – top and front edge – in faintly speckled Formica, bought here. Sadly Formica UK  no longer make the exact shade I bought, and their range is less vintage-looking that it was – but there are still a couple of nice retro styles worth checking out if you want to make your own worktop, or even your own table. Do send me snaps if you do.

Read more about Formica at the Classic Cafes blog, where you can also ogle pictures of some gorgeous tables covered in the stuff in their original settings.

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