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Sweet upcycled children's quilts

Don't you just love these upcycled children's quilts, screen-printed by hand and made – believe it or not – from barely used, 600 thread count Virgin Atlantic first class duvet covers? I think they'd make a beautiful present for a beloved god-child...

They're made by a cool, new company called Old Threads, one half of which is Lisa Wrake, the stylish designer-and-some behind this blog's beautiful layout.

I featured them a while back, before their official launch, in the Independent on Sunday's New Review in a piece about upcycling without too much effort (in case you're interested to read more tips on that front). And if you're interested in buying one of the quilts, they cost £135 each and are available online in three different colours.

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  1. These are super cute - it's really nice to see unique or bespoke mattress covers that are suitable for children. These would make a great gift.