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Cuban graphic poster art

This weekend, while I was avoiding doing things I ought to have been doing, I stumbled across a brilliant eBay shop selling re-prints of vintage Cuban graphic posters. What do you think?

I'm generally a stickler for an original, rather than a re-print or a reproduction version, but originals can be very expensive. Though the real thing is authentic and more beautiful, things are tight for most of us at the moment and for under twenty quid one of these gets you something that could perk up your home-life daily – and I think that makes for a good return. They'd make excellent budget-but-statement Christmas presents too.

The images start at around £5 for a 20x25cm print, plus around £7-8 for postage from the US (so it pays to order more than one, not that I'd ever encourage over-shopping, ever).

Apparently the quality is very good: "We bring new life to old Cuban images," is the shop's strapline, and they've even got a before and after section (perversely, I rather like the befores more, but of course they wouldn't work re-printed that way). Anyway, I've just ordered the legs coming out of a box, in Ikea frame-friendly dimensions, so when it arrives I can let you know.

Man sitting on floor reading, above

I remember a good friend returning from a holiday in Cuba a few years back, with armfuls of fantastic graphic artwork from the communist state – and coveting her finds, about which she knew the associated cultural tales.

And the only drawback with the site, is that it offers no context or history to any of the images – nor even illuminating titles (I have used their rather flat descriptions here) which is a shame; I wish I knew more about the history of these political and non-political images. But if you're interested in the genre, there's a book, Revolucion! Cuban Poster Art (£11.99 on Amazon), worth a look. Or get a little overview here.

Meanwhile, if anyone out there has any insight into any of these images – or at least their real titles – I'd love to hear – it's not clear whether or not they're all even Cuban...

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