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Pretty packaging

I'm mildly obsessed with well-packaged products. Regardless of what's on the inside, I often find myself buying things that look good on the outside for no other reason than that they are aesthetically joyful. 

It's what's on the outside that matters (above) some well packaged products, clockwise from bottom left:

The inspiration to post about packaging came after my friend Abi returned from Lisbon with the gift of a little book, all about the joys of some of Portugal's most iconically packaged products (below; the title translates as Genuine and touching products of original Portuguese creation). It's nice isn't it? 

And here are some gratuitous shots of packaging I've magpied away over the years.


  1. I am in total agreement with this and love it! Sometimes I even consider saving the package and refilling it just so I can continue using it, like the tins of olive oil. I love to find new uses for it too.

  2. Haha, a fellow obsessive! I like those olive oil cans as kitchen utensil holders. But just been researching inspiring ways with houseplants and think they'd make nice herb planters too... What do you reappropriate yours as?