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Quirky Christmas wreath

What do you think of this Brussels sprout festive wreath?

I rather like it. It is by The Contemporary Home and costs £29, available from Not on the High Street. As it's not real sprouts, it can be used year after year – though sadly it's too delicate for front door hanging and needs to live inside.

I'm a big fan of fake foliage generally, as the real thing tends to be so expensive to have in constant supply; though I'm thinking flowers rather than maligned Christmas vegetables... (I have some very realistic looking plastic artichoke stems in my bathroom that I got in Habitat a few years ago. I might put together a round-up of other good fake blooms – and, if that's a general area of interest, I recently wrote about how to have interesting house plants in the Independent.)

Meanwhile, what unusual festive wreaths – good or bad – have you spotted?

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