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Pet portraits!

This may be a case of a step too far over the line of loving your pet, but nonetheless I think these bespoke oil paintings are rather lovely simply as pieces of art.

I really like the simple, naive painting style. The artist is the appropriately named Kate Pugsley, who takes around four weeks to complete a commission (though long-haired pets take longer!). See Kate's Etsy shop for more information: a to-order pet portrait costs around £180, plus just over a tenner for postage from the US and comes painted and varnished onto 1/2-inch thick maple, 6x8 inches big. You need to send her a selection of good quality photos to work from.

She also paints and illustrates other things, check out her profile to see the relevant links. I particularly like her people portraits, some of which are rather surreal (though not these ones below; I just like their faces).

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