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Analogue heaven

So. This morning I dropped my stupid big phone on the pavement. That was the end of it. I always knew I shouldn't have chosen one that is too clever for its own good, and way too big for my little hands. More than anything, phones these days are just too delicate for every day life. My now dead phone's idiotically massive screen and show-offly slim shape (a Samsung Galaxy SII in case you're wondering – don't get one unless you have massive hands and can attach it on string inside your sleeves, like children's gloves) may have looked sexy. But where did that get it?

Where it got me (after I'd got over the torment of not being able to catch up on Twitter on the Tube home), was lusting after a bit of old-school solidity and proper design. I'm not usually into reproductions, but these heavily pimped 1970s telephones (above, £68 a piece) are such luscious colours I couldn't resist. Not to mention the satisfyingly solid curve of those heavy, bulbous receivers. The yellow one would look lovely in my new home office (which has a tiny flash of bright yellow inside my freshly painted shelves).

Though I rather like this very modern variation on the cordless landline (above, £70) too (as I work from home a lot, I'm part of the one percent of people who still use such devices). Now... if only I could just fit one of them in my pocket...

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