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Wall art for under a fiver

I've long been a fan of turning a sheet of wrapping paper into a piece of wall art. And now Rockett St George are making it even easier – by selling several frame-teasing gift wraps in one place. Have a look...

The company who makes the paper is Cavallini. They're based in San Francisco but sell in various UK outlets aside from Rockett. Here is a selection of the sheets they stock (but there are many more which you can easily find dotted about in little shops via Google): phrenology headthe skeletal systemPapillonsschool room map of the British Isles. Each sheet is just £3 a-piece (though admittedly, the print quality is not all that, particularly on the skeletons – the bone names are barely legible. Manhattan's grids (see below) however, are super sharp. Each sheet measures 50cm x 70cm, meaning they conveniently fit into one of Ikea's standard-size Ribba frames, which are nicely chunky.

I have several bits of wrapping paper in frames in my house – including the skeletal system one, but also these nice birds and the afore-mentioned Manhattan map (both pictured). I also have some nice birds, a map of Manhattan and a stack of classic Penguin paperbacks. But I found them all separately, or in random shops I don't often go to. So for lazy homemakers with bare walls to fill: what are you waiting for?

See some more ideas and inspiration in a couple of columns I've written on related topics for the Independent on Sunday: "how to make your own art" and "how to buy art without breaking the bank".

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