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Friday junk sale

What an old-school treat I stumbled into earlier today while walking the dog: a surprise junk sale, two minutes from my house...

It's so rare to find relatively unsifted flea market goodies for sale at bargain prices. And how could I resist the lure of that treasure trove (left)?

Inside, there was heaps of interesting 50s, 60s and 70s fabric; lots of mismatched china – and I saw a guy holding a lovely big wooden wall-mountable plate rack under one arm as I walked in. I've nowhere to put such a thing but I cursed him very slightly (and warmly) all the same as it was just such a beautiful object and one can usually find some use for beautiful things, somewhere. There was also a good 1960s coat rack, a giant kitchen table that could do with a little love but was an interesting shape, and a pile of old-fashioned suitcases. You can check some of it out below...
Uncharacteristically, I restrained myself, though with some difficulty. It was helped by the fact that I only had £8 in my purse. But I still did well: below you'll see the four cushion covers I got for my coins (the two blue-y florals and the two yellows). I was very happy. What a bargain, eh?

I might go back and pick up some of the darker blue floral ones pictured above. I think they'd go well too, now I look at the photo. What do you reckon?

In case you are in south London, anywhere near Brixton, you can check the sale out too.

On the left is the poster with all the info. It is on tomorrow as well, from 11.30am. Very nice people running it, too.

If you're miles away, I'd love to hear about your junkshop and flea market finds – so do share some pictures.

Meanwhile: happy nearly weekend x

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