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A Pretty Dandy shop

I've just discovered a nice shop, Pretty Dandy, based in Nottingham and selling a small but very well selected range of simple things – both second-hand and new. 

The shop is run by Becky Morris Knight, who says that Nottingham has the highest ratio of artists per capita for a UK city. Which is a good fact to know. She says she hopes some of that creativity has rubbed off on her shop. I think so. So thought I'd share a quick bit of window shopping.

Original salt and pepper pots, created in 1968 by the designer Jessie Tait, for Midwinter.

Two good prints. Town colour-it-yourself print, £14.95, and A3 in size, would make a sweet DIY present for a child – they simply colour in and then you can hang it on the wall (fits a standard, off-the-shelf frame). And it's nice and big, so as good for clumsy little fingers as well as older children.

This Storm Would Pass Me By collage print, £14.95, A4 size, is by the Cologne-based illustrator, Sabrina Tibourtine. Nice colours.

Taborah Metal Wire Bowl, £8.95 (small) and £11.95 (large).
These white wire bowls stack neatly inside each other. You could also use them for stashing dressing table bits. 

Original Midwinter Stylecraft gravy boat, £9.95. I do love a gravy boat, and this one is a particularly pleasing shape, and a classic bit of 1950s British pottery with a pussy willow pattern (apparently). 

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  1. Hello!

    Thanks so much for this lovely post! We are still pretty new on the scene, so it's a real honour to be included on your fab blog.

    (Pretty Dandy)