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Saddle up: Western
themed interiors

Etsy have collected together some cool stuff with a Texan theme this week. After seeing a dazzlingly scruffily stylish cowboy-esque interior in this month's Living Etc (more of which below), I felt kind of inspired. Here are my three favourite picks...

I am slightly in love with this horse photographic print. It costs around £25 plus £6-ish for shipping from the US from Emerald Town Raven's Etsy store. The image measures 10x15 (I'm assuming inches rather than weeny print, though it doesn't say) and it comes professionally printed on Lustre paper, unless you specify printing onto canvas or something else. Isn't he (or she) magnificent?

My own beautiful 70s wooden speakers are out of action. I miss them. So I was drawn to these stunning, warm-looking cigar box speakers. Aren't they gorgeous? They are not cheap at just under £230, plus £43 shipping. But even if you have no intention of buying them, they're nice to look at – and maybe will inspire someone out there to create their own take on the idea.

The same goes for this lovely grater turned lampshade, £32 plus £15 shipping: that is a project just crying out for an adventurous DIY-er.

And, below, this is the interior that led me to such excitement over all of the Western-tinged things above. It belongs to Doub Hanshaw the creative director at Free People, the fashion label, and her partner, John Mahaffey who sells furniture and makes music. If you are UK-based, buy a copy of the March issue of Living Etc to see more. You can also get a peek over at Apartment Therapy, to see the full set of the images below. I really want to live there. Really. A bit obsessively. Though by way of self-consolation, I bet its effortless shabbiness is hard work to keep on the right side of chic.

Would you want to live there – or would it drive you mad?

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