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Pedlars Guide to the
Great Outdoors

How very exciting. The book I worked on with the ridiculously stylish Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, the couple behind beautiful shop, Pedlars, has been pre-listed on Amazon... though it's not out until later this summer. It is published by Random House.

It is not about interiors; it is about the opposite – the Great Outdoors. But, as you would expect, the book will be beautiful to look at. Here is the rather marvellous front cover, designed by super talented creative agency, Mercy whose excellent and inspiring postcard set I have previously featured.

Inside this lovely Moleskine notebook-sized, fabric covered, stunning illustrated gem (all of which I can comfortably boast about as they had nothing to do with me) you will discover stuff including: how to make gastronomically creative feasts over a campfire (try pit cooking, newspaper-baked fish and squidgy s'mores); what not to do while wild camping (like bedding down in a barn); Charlie's dad's expert tips on how to build a tree-house; what to take on a long country walk (definitely not walking sticks, but a hip flask, a pork pie and possibly a playlist compiled by Caught by the River).

The Gladstones are the most outdoorsy people I've ever met, hence the book's topic – and spend as much of their free time as possible messing about in rivers, sitting around the campfire and playing slightly dangerous games in the countryside, along with their six children and five dogs.

Despite months of working together on the book, I still haven't worked out where they find the time to do so much (though the many 6am emails I'd get from Caroline as we edited the book are one clue): quite apart from their huge family, and running Pedlars, they are restoring and opening a pub in Wales and also maintain a beautifully furnished self-catering 16th century property in Scotland, Balbegno Castle. And some images of that is what I shall leave you with – in case you fancy getting close to a bit of countryside, Gladstones-style...

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