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Pretty Pegs

What a very excellent idea this is: a company that sells Ikea-compatible legs for the Swedish store's sofas and beds. But they come with legs... right? Of course, but those legs are often the very thing that lets down an otherwise lovely piece of furniture. 

It's like buttons on coats – savvy fashionistas often say they will swap the fastenings on a cheap coat to make it look unique and more expensive. The same, now, can be done with your high street furniture. I'd never thought about how beautiful little sofa legs could be until now...

Pretty Pegs is a Swedish online shop that only sells bed and sofa legs, and they are specifically designed to fit and replace standard Ikea legs. They deliver to the UK for 11 euros. Genius.

Prices for the legs start at around 78 euros (for four). Not cheap – but for the dramatic difference they'll make to a cheap piece of furniture, I'm all for them.

If, however, you can't justify the price tag – check out this fantastic DIY post at the wonderful Poppytalk blog about how to make them yourself (see one of its creations, below). You can find furniture leg sellers all over the internet – try Edinburgh Woodturning, which sells through an eBay store. Their sofa legs start at around £6.


  1. I think this is a smashing idea. Lovely shapes, lovely colours. Well done Pretty Pegs!

  2. What a fantastic find! I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to DIY, so this is the perfect alternative!

    1. I think I'll brave the DIY option - as long as I can find legs to replace the rather ugly ones on my non-Ikea sofa...

  3. I can vouch for Edinburgh woodturning, I've used them myself!

  4. Now that is a good idea, the cogs are turning!

  5. The best idea my husband had is get us some pretty pegs couch legs. Check out my post about it.