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Urban Outfitters mini
bunny lamp

I've long hankered after the big version of this lamp. But what I really need is a lamp for my dingy hall, which lacks plug sockets. 

The bunny, I always thought, would look excellent –  but having to get a socket wired in by an electrician specially was a bit of a barrier. So I stalled. And occasionally clicked onto websites, chiefly Caravan (where it costs £40), selling the wonderous item just to sigh a little bit at its beauty.

So how excellent to discover that Urban Outfitters are now selling mini versions of the same light and – ta-da – battery powered ones. For just £8 a-piece. Charming in a slightly different style to their big brother or sister, but charming all the same I think. And for that, I think I could justify a row of three on a shelf, lined up. What do you think?

TODAY ONLY Urban Outfitters are also having a one-day 20% off discount. So get shopping, I say...

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