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Yellow fever

What's got me tuned into yellow? I don't know if it was the sight of so many chick icons in the ether this Easter weekend, or just a spontaneous profusion of lovely sun-tinted things that popped up on my computer screen. But it reminded me how much I love the colour yellow for a home.

It started with the bright image of the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs (above) on the cover of a weekend travel supplement (I am practically aching for a stylish Californian road trip to stay in places like this). Don't the pink towels look excellent on those yellow sunloungers?

And then I spotted the yellow Tango Tray Table (above) on offer today only for £29, at, that'd totally solve my tricky "where can I put my tea" problem in the sofa region of my sitting room, as well as spring up the space beautifully.

And then over at Bouf, the Flock felt geometric wall stickers by Hive, from £26 per pack (above right), caught my eye: aren't they a great way to break up a big bare wall, without having to search for giant prints or artworks – and then fork out to get them framed? I also love the flashes of colour from an interior shot of the Saguaro Hotel again (above left). An expert craftsman, handy with light fittings, and a bit of Dreamwalls slate panel action – and you, too, could live it like you were in 1950s California.

I'm also on an ongoing project to help a friend with a place in Berlin to do up his flat. It's coming along and we're now onto wall-paint options. I've suggested one of my favourite colour combinations ever, illustrated beautifully in Fired Earth's mid-century range room shots (above). The colours are Skylon Grey and Race Yellow.

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