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Stylish food part I

I'm away from my usual posting station today and experimenting with blogging via an app on my phone. It's a bit limiting and so I shall just share a few snaps of a a couple of good-looking food stories I've been working on. In - due to afore-mentioned limitations - two separate posts.

Firstly, I visited this very unusual 'butcher' in The Hague last month for a story running in tomorrow's Independent on Saturday magazine. That story is more about what it sells than what it looks like (and you may be able to guess from the shop front, see below), but I just loved the style of the place: those northen European high moulded ceilings, all in bright, clean white; the cute rustic blue and white wall tiles, featuring sketches of Dutch country life; the enamel weighing scales... In another life/house, my kitchen would look very similar. Though that other life would probably need to be in a Parisian apartment to pull it off...

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