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How to… bring some
outdoors inside

My most calming room is the one painted with a-hint-of-green, a big painting of a palm and trees through the window. Now the sunshine is out, the outdoors is even more enticing: but how to bring as much of it inside, and what else can maximise this feel-good style beyond stocking up on pot-plants? 

Most of us would like more light, but if additional windows aren’t an option, a mirror opposite, or at right angles to what you already have will double the view (pick those overlooking trees, gardens or even window-boxes).

Natural textures and colours are the ticket – but don’t go beige-ly boring: love the flat near me with a wall adorned with shallow rattan baskets gathered on a sunny holiday. So easy and cheap as chips. More advanced, Rattan Man also created a ‘chandelier’ out of a delicate, shapely tree branch – it was suspended by fishing wire from the ceiling over the dining table. 

Stone or wood walls and floors can lend a delicious calm to a space. But you can cheat – with self-adhesive wood and bricks effect wallpapers from Decowall (£9.95 for 100cm x 1m). You could also try the Brewers wood effect range at Wallpaper Direct, £36.95 per 8ish metre roll. Check out also the log wallpaper in the Pedlars country pub interior and Piet Hien Eek's Scrapwood papers.

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Grow your own indoor living wall with Wally Woolly Pockets, £29.99 each from Amazon, or from Wantist in the US.

National Geographic do a range of photomural wallpapers for Graham Sanderson interiors. As a feature wall it could look a bit dodge but love the idea of swathing a downstairs loo or small bathroom with ‘Sunday’ – a forest of beautiful birch trees.

Paine’s Balsam Fir or Cedar incense cones, from Labour & Wait, promise to add ‘log cabin’ feel to any home. And the packaging is gorgeous. 

For further inspiration, check the Flickr group, Inspired by Nature.

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