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Now that's what I call bunting

I'm not entirely convinced by bunting. The Jubilee has really helped it jump the shark, and it can look terribly twee.

But I loved this reincarnation of bunting, seen at the launch last night of Josie Da Bank's new picnic range.

Nice, isn't it?

The launch was on the top floor of Selfridges, one of the outlets where Josie's stuff will be on sale – and the whole place had been transformed, Bestival style with quirky, colourful decor; Josie, as you probably know, is the other half of Mr Bestival, aka Rob da Bank, as well as being producer and creative director of the festival, along with its family-focused sister, Camp Bestival). The cups on a wall were an interesting idea, too. 

I can't decide if I loved them or found them strangely creepy in an Alice in Wonderland way... 

So here is Josie's new picnic set: as you'd expect, joyful, bright and covered in her own lovely illustrations. 

It is available to pre-order on CultureLabel for delivery mid-July. By which time we might even have some picnicking weather.

Two plates from the range: the small version costs £8 and the large, £10. The rest of the range starts at £4 for one of the short tumblers.

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