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London Style Guide

London is starting to fill up with visitors to the Games. But there is (and it's hard to remember right now) more to London than special traffic lanes about which to build local news vox pops and giant Olympic banners everywhere. Perfect timing for an antidote: here's a beautiful new book full of London's most stylish shops, bars, restaurants and hotels to ogle. 

Even if you can't visit, there's lots of inspiration to be had from some of these interiors... The London Style Guide (Murdoch Books), by Saska Graville, is out now.

Image from The London Style Guide
The Cross, Holland Park
Love the simplicity of the pale walls, the great dresses and this beautiful portrait. (If you are in the market for an affordable portrait to buy, check out this previous post about an excellent Etsy shop.)
Image from The London Style Guide
The Book Club, Shoreditch
The London bar/arts venue takes a pared down – and pretty achievable – approach to the idea of a living wall. I like it.

Image from The London Style Guide
Bohemia, NW1
As Saska Greville writes in her description of this place, "Eclectic doesn't really cover it...less of a shop than a garage sale..." Marvellous.

Below, a couple more of the places featured in the book...

The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell

See more of Abigail's style in this interview with her accompanied by images of her wonderful home

Drink, Shop & Do, King's Cross
This shop/cafe/craft activity hang-out with a dancefloor in the basement is a fantastic place. Read more about it here.

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