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Ugly house photos

In moments of procrastination lately I've found myself scrolling through the images on the Ugly Houses blog. I'm a little ambivalent about the judgemental snob factor – but the guy behind it posts for a worthy – rather than patronising and gratuitously scornful – reason...

He is an estate agent based in Arizona, and knows what sells – the houses featured on his blog don't, and he hopes that by illustrating them in this way, people will gather tips on how better to market their homes to sell. Doesn't stop him from inserting some very funny captions and section heads (including sections on 'taxidermy', 'knives' and '1990s decor', for example). Perversely, I am quite drawn to a few of them, especially in the 1970s section... but the wrong definitely outweigh the so-wrong-it's-rights. Here are some of my favourite recent posts (do not click on the links if you have a work deadline looming, you will be doomed).

I love these, above, from the post "five ugly couches"

And this trio, above, "sponsored by" – on the perils of inadvertently going in for some product placement in your estate agent photos...

He has a whole post of images featuring pets on furniture.

...and dodgy home bars.

From his post on "three inspiring basements", above.

But I could definitely work with those tongue and groove walls....


  1. Oh these are hilarious. I feel compelled to go and take a deeper, longer look! Loving the bad couches! :)

  2. This post made me giggle as a neighbour recently asked me my opinion on his newly decorated sitting room. (Vulgar would be an understatement darlings!) When he asked whether I liked the men's toilets tangerine feature wall or not and did I like the 1960's school poo-ie brown/red he had virtually raped the beautiful old beams with, I couldn't help but blurt out the truth. He was as visibly shocked at my honesty as I was at his obvious lack of taste. All this was despite him having drunk the best part of a bottle of whisky which no doubt gave him the courage to ask my opinion in the first place. Needless to say I am no longer on his Christmas card list and neither is he on mine...

  3. These shots certainly put both house and homeowner in a bad light. For those planning to put their homes on MLS, it’s better to clean up your home first before taking shots of the interior and exterior. Lighting is crucial, so it’s best to use a flash if you’re taking photos of the inside of your home. On the other hand, it’s ideal to take shots of your home’s outer parts in the middle of the day. Of course, quality counts, so it’s better to use a DSLR camera or even just a simple digital camera - avoid poor quality phone cameras. But for best results that will surely hook potential buyers, entrust the job to professional real estate photographers.

  4. Great tips - thanks for sharing your expertise... I checked out your website... :-)

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