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Pretty pegs: pimping an
old armchair

You may have seen, a while back, a post I did about a product called Pretty Pegs... an ingeniously simple way of improving an armchair or sofa, by giving it sexy new legs.

Well, after that post, my friend Rose's mum – Linda – got in touch to say they were just the thing she'd been waiting for, to improve her grandmother's old armchair, which she now owns.

The chair was bought in 1946 as part of a three-piece-suite and was upholstered in gold brocade. "Nobody was allowed to sit on it," recalls Linda. 

She had it reupholstered in lovely, period-appropriate fabric. But it needed a finishing polish. Here's how it looked before its got its new legs...

And here is how it looks now...

I love it. It gives it an interesting modern twist, without taking away from the chair's history.

Below, here's a recap on the other Pretty Pegs you can buy. You can read more about them in the original post.

And thanks again to Linda for sharing her improved armchair.

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