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What is Ikea's most
ubiquitous item?

A gold interiors star to you if you escape the Ikea dash when you move somewhere new – even if you haven't done it for years, surely there are items you bought there for your first ever home from home that still loiter around your current place.

I definitely have a hearty smattering of staples – including what I think could be the number one thing-you-always-see-from-Ikea-in-other-people's-houses: the Ordning stainless steel cutlery stand. I don't even really like it, it just beckoned me with its pure simplicity, non-erodible material and sheer usefulness. I've also got a Malm chest of drawers, a few cushions (some now hidden inside newer covers), and a LOT of chunky Ribba picture frames. To the point where I try only to buy prints that will fit inside them. Shame on me. What about you – what's your Ikea stash? Or what is the one thing you always see in other people's homes from the blue and yellow behemoth?
Magasin cutlery stand
Grundtal wall rail 

Pokal glass 
Ribba picture frame 
Malm chest of drawers 
Ordning cutlery stand

Grundtal wall shelf 

Klippan sofa 

Bumerang skirt hanger 

Billy bookcase 

I'm now wondering if this reads like some sneaky kind of sponsored post paid for by Ikea (they so wouldn't pay – it's IKEA!). Anyway, so it's not, but I do have the shop on my mind right now because I'm writing about it journalistically... and this question came up as I typed. So there you go.

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  1. Only the ordning cutlery stand left at mine, and they are everywhere. I saw a row of around 20 of them in the refectory at Manchester uni last week.