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Design Milk's doggie sister site

I love the excellent Design Milk website – a brilliant hub for stylish design, architecture and interiors stories. But it was only a couple of months ago that I discovered its rather marvellous sister site: Dog Milk.

Regular readers will know I am a dog person. Though not the kind of dog person who dresses their pet up and lets him kiss with tongues. Some people love that shit. That's cool. It's just not me. So now that's clear, I feel comfortable sharing my love for Dog Milk, which has all the style of Design Milk, but with a canine focus. Check it out: here are some of my favourite posts (click on the headings to go to the original stories)...

Dog wallpaper
Dog greetings cards

Dog Christmas ornaments

Modernist dog house


  1. really so nice... i like so much.. thanks for posting

  2. Thank you - yes, it is a totally brilliant site... I spend far too much time checking out their posts