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Nice knobs

Yesterday I posted up Jay 'Out of the Dark' Blades' tips for revamping old furniture. One of his tips was where to get replacement doorknobs for cupboards and drawers. Like replacing the buttons on a high street coat, even the plainest, non collector's pieces, can be transformed with new knobs.

Out of the Dark love, among others, Anthropologie for theirs. And when I had a look, and came across these brilliantly unusual animal knobs I thought I'd share them.

Brass, 'Through the Woods' knob, Fox

Brass, 'Through the Woods' knob, Rabbit

Love the rather odd animal hooks, too. £16 each.

They're not cheap (£10 each soon adds up over several drawers) but you can always mix and match your new handles: collect them slowly from junk shops or second-hand markets or eBay, or if you can't be bothered with too much trawling, try Not on the High Street. And if you want period perfection,  Snob's Knobs' sell originals and good quality repros. Though, again, be prepared for the price tag – and make sure the furniture is worth the investment.

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