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Oh my god, it's BHS! (A preview)

If the title hadn't already given it away, I'd be saying: "Oh my god, guess where these very stylish things are from. Go on, GUESS: Nope. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong... it's BHS!" 

I don't know about you, but when I think of 'BHS homewares', I think of naff chocolate brown leather sofas, chunky wrong-wood sideboards, unpleasantly boxy dining chairs... Based on nothing apart from the fact I have no idea what they sell. But I posted recently about the 'Scandi' range from BHS – the store's surprisingly elegant range of natural-hued, pared down lighting designs. And their upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 range shows that wasn't just a blip on an otherwise naff horizon. What a shocker. And it's all pretty affordable too... What do you think?

Orange 'Brighton' chair, £80

Brighton table lamp, £20
Brighton floor lamp, £130; armchair as before

Brighton sofa, £899 and armchair, £599. Hove nest of three coffee tables, £139, Reno pendant light, £35

Bath mat, £16

This is all from the brand new 'Brighton' range, which doesn't hit the shops until next year. Look out also for the soon-to-arrive 'Essentials' kitchen accessories (I have my eye on a 60s-ish yellow kettle). Really beautiful, bright, classic designs.

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