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Custhom's digital
embroidery exhibition

A while back, I posted about the beautiful digitally embroidered wallpaper designed by the London design duo, CUSTHOM. Its clean, yet tactile lines are a thing to behold, and the unusual technique used to create it is a story in itself... which you can discover more about at an exhibition curated by CUSTHOM that has just opened in east London (you can also have a very good look online if you're nowhere near east London). The point of the show is to showcase this way of printing, which captures the delicacy of 3-D, real stitching and translates it into digital 2-D prints. Below are some of the highlights, along with a few close-ups to show the technique.

Jemma Ooi and Nathan Philpott, the duo behind CUSTHOM, have chosen a number of designers in different creative fields to submit an artwork each, which have been translated onto paper via stitch or mechanical drawing.

Artists include Fred Butler (scroll down to see her contribution), a props maker for fashion shoots; clothes designer and Vogue illustrator, David Longshaw (see very last image); graphic illustrator, Paul Blow (see his work above) and Giedre Domizait whose incredible digital animations were on show this summer at Olympic stadium.

Sylvia Baz, 'S'  

Hawaii, 'DB London 12'

Fred Butler, 'A Bee in my Bonnet with a Honey Haircomb'

George Wu, 'Confetti'

David Longshaw, 'Maude & Arthur, the Big Debate'

The exhibition runs until 14 January at the Print House Gallery in London, E8. A limited edition run of each poster design will be available to buy, framed and unframed, through the gallery and online. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Art Against Knives.

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