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A (very) industrial look

Wendy Goodman of the New York magazine gets to nose around some excellently unusual homes, and this recent tour of a Brooklyn apartment that used to be a motorcycle repair garage caught my attention.

The owner, sculptor/architectural designer Elena Columbo (great name!) really kept the building's former industrial life alive. I'm not sure I'd have been quite so brave with the raw approach, but it's got some really interesting ideas...

Love the massive desk as a kitchen work surface. I recently saw a fantastic kitchen where the owner had converted an old wooden chemist shop counter into a kitchen island, with the oven built in where the till used to be. It looked amazing. Here, the warm wood also adds some much needed warmth to the cool concrete walls and stainless steel appliances and cupboards.

Top marks for the most surprising use of old printers' trays: the owner has fixed them together into a room divider to screen her bed from the rest of the space.

You can see more pictures and read all about the conversion (and what that propeller's doing there) on the NY Mag website.

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  1. That looks like one hell of a place to live - very jealous!