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Crochet rugs

Crochet rugs. Not a patchouli-scented 1970s throwback (or am I just thinking macramé?) but a rather lovely strand of enticing new items found on Etsy today.

What do you think? A giant, tactile doily on the floor, I like it.

This this grey crochet rug, £127, above, is by a young Finnish company called Hooked Design, whose debut collection (ie, this one) specialises in ecological lace carpets hand-made from recycled material salvaged from the textile industry, largely cotton.

The rugs are all made to order and so take three or so weeks to arrive. I really like this big black design – this size (200cm – the largest they make), though a) you can't see its lovely holey bits in this photo, and b) it is out of my price-range at £665. But the smaller rugs start at around £60 for a 60cm diameter.

I also really love this colourful hexagon crochet rug by La Casa de Coto. It measures 75cm across and costs £56.90.

And if Britain was a sunnier country, one where you could really justify outdoor textiles of the rug variety – I'd have one of these luscious turquoise patio rugs, for around £32 made by Camille Designs in Georgia, in the US. Then again, it'd work just as well inside – quite a nice bathroom rug for the right floor. made from mildew-bashing braided cord and measuring 33 inches across.

She does a nice hot pink one too, for around £45 for a slightly bigger diameter of 35 inches and a frillier shape.

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