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Neon lighting for font nerds at Aram Store

There's a term I have for when you're over something before it's even become mainstream: trade jade – because it is possibly only something that happens when you work in a job that surrounds you with said things. It's a bit how I feel about typograhpical neon lighting... 

And yet I'm also aware how easy it could be to become an inward-looking media twit... so I thought I'd share these new neon lights on sale at Aram Store, which are beautiful and also not too pricey. Any strong opinions either way?

They get bonus points for the lovely font, inspired by American typewriter lettering.

'Sex' or 'art', above, are currently going for the reduced price of £118.15, down from £139. The letters (and you can design your own bespoke creation; cost varies, depending on what you go for) measure 17cm high.

So. Whaddya reckon: neon art: shark jumper or enduring thing of beauty?

If you are still
undecided, check
out the work of
Chris Bracey
(see left)
of modern
neon art.

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