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More Katy Leigh ceramics

So after this morning's post about her romantic egg cups, here is some more about the ceramicist Katy Leigh, whose work I think is really special.

Katy takes inspiration for her secondary career (she was previously a picture editor and also an illustrator for magazines) from her hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, in the heart of the north Staffordshire pottery region...

Soaring Bird plate, £40

Recalling artistic childhood memories, Katy says: "I remember obsessively drawing my parents' Royal Doulton figurines, shortly followed by the characters from my brother’s 2000AD comics, shortly followed by pictures of Nick Kershaw..." Haha. Would have loved to see her Kershaw drawings, especially if they were anything like the stylised faces she conjures up on her plates and cups and prints today (see below).

Turquoise Stripe plate, £20

Since then, she continues, "My subject matter has changed, but not the love of drawing." After completing a BA and MA in Illustration she went back to her roots; growing up in 'The Potteries' (not the shopping centre of the same name, of course) and the bulk of her illustration now adorns ceramics. And aren't they beautiful?
Flying Bird cup and saucer, £20

Portrait egg cups, based on drawings at the Potteries Museum, Hanley, £20 a pair

You can also buy Katy's illustrations in print form. See the full range of Katy Leigh ceramics and prints at CultureLabel, or check out Katy Leigh's own website to see the extended range (which includes her excellent face bowls the gorgeous 'Rear Reclining Nude' print and some funny faced her salt and pepper shakers, not part of the CultureLabel range).


  1. A great find. I love her Butterfly prints.

    1. Glad you like Jenny - I'll have to dedicate another post to the butterflies, they are really lovely too.

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  3. These are very beautiful. I especially like the soaring bird plate.