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New gull prints from Howkapow

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside... where giant seagulls swoop down and snatch your sandwich from your hand. 

Oh stop it. Put that cynical image out of your head and marvel, instead, at these lovely new prints, by Bristol-based illustrator, Paul Farrell, on sale for £50 each at Howkapow.

From left to right: Greater black backed gull printHerring gull printBlack headed gull print

Paul's work draws mainly on nature for inspiration and I really like lots of his other work too. Especially his colourful tree silhouettes, bright pigeons and sleeping foxes. If you can't stretch to a print, most of his pieces come as cards, too, printed on nice recycled card in different shades, for just £3.50. Size isn't everything.

See more at Paul Farrell's website.

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