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Abigail Ahern's fake flowers

If you know Abigail Ahern, you'll probably know she is mad about fake flowers (as well as gorgeously cosy, dark interiors and lovely lamps shaped like dogs).

She's now just started selling the full range of her everlasting blooms via her brand new online flower shop.

'Banbury' bouquet (lavender hydrangea, two gelda snowballs, one green mimosa, and one purple lilac) £55

The bouquets (see above) are arranged by Abigail's sister, Gem, a high-end florist whose blooms have graced swish yachts, A-list boudoirs and, oddly, the Vatican. The bouquets and single stems are not overly cheap. But compare them to the cost of fresh flowers that need replacing – and imagine that, with one swift investment – you'll have these week in, week out, they're quite the bargain for something that adds an instant luxury vibe to a room. Besides, they're just really lovely and it's a good excuse to ogle some of my favourites.

White Peony bulb, £10.50 (all prices, apart from bouquet above, per single stem)

Green Allium, £9.50

Silk, dark yellow Mimosa, £37.50

Lavender open Rose, £20

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  1. I thought I didn't like fake flowers, but turns out I do!