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Fuck your antlers

I'm sure most of you know about FYNT (in case you don't, it stands for Fuck Your Noguchi Table, and it will take the piss out of you – and me – if ever we take our styling too seriously). It is great.

But today I want to introduce you to an erstwhile partnership the Tumblr had with cool T-shirt and print shop, Print Liberation.

Image: FYNT
Sadly they don't sell this excellent 'Fuck Your Antlers' top anymore. However, the company does sell design-your-own T-shirts, so you could pick any of FYNT's captions and make them wearable. The DIY t-shirts cost $49 (£33ish) and of course you could get one done cheaper in your local T-shirt printing shop... if you trust their font selection.

And it is a good excuse to introduce Print Liberation generally, who also sell these (below) and other witty designs. I have the bag and the 'late' T-shirt already and have my eye on some other things (they are based in the US, but UK postage is reasonable)...

Sorry I'm late, $24 (£16ish); I survived the Bush Administration, $23 (£15ish); Fuck plastic bags $15 (£10ish). All are available from Print Liberation.


  1. I have to get that t-shirt, would save me saying it all the time! A new reader, love your blog.

    1. Ha. Yes, I wear mine partly for that reason... Love your blog btw, gorgeous images. I need to have a proper look and find (I hope!) a nose around your home. I love the idea of a house that was a shop.