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Over-sofa drinks rest

A month or two ago, I included a simple but superbly useful device in a round-up of 'ingenious objects'; it was a u-shaped piece of wood designed to slot over your sofa arm and provide a flat surface to rest your drink, book or small plate upon when the table is to far and the floor too low.

It wasn't cheap – over £160. But it was beautiful and despite the simplicity of it, something so useful it almost justified the price tag. In case you didn't agree, I have just found this.

Even simpler, this Dutch-made 'bankplank' ('bank' is Dutch for sofa, and 'plank' is Dutch for, well, plank) isn't, perhaps, as beautiful (aesthetically, I'd prefer a flush top), but it is just as useful. It comes in different woods including – above – spalted maple, as well as black walnut and reclaimed mahogany. It also comes in different sizes.

Bankplank, Ep Bordewijk, around £20 (prices are in Euros) plus around £4 delivery within Europe.

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