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Alice Mara's urban
architecture ceramics

I've written about London-based ceramicist Alice Mara before – I particularly loved her plates decorated with tiny synchronised swimmers, and cups adorned with the pleasing geometry of urban architecture.

Now she's launching some new designs, and I love them too. What do you think of these salt and pepper pots?

The set is named 'Affordable Housing’ and features a series of twenty different buildings that measure 7.5cm x 3cm. They cost £30 a pair.

I also like Alice's new 'Brits Abroad' vases, below, that are colourfully wrapped in her photography of Benidorm. They remind me a little of the deliciously gaudy postcard photography from the John Hinde studio (a minor – major? – obsession of mine). Each vase measures 30cm x 6cm and they are priced at £40 each.

I'm not sure what kind of flowers you'd put in them, mind. Maybe a few classic palm leaves...

If you like Alice's work, you might also like the wonderful paintings by Trevor Burgess (I do). His most recent exhibition, A Place to Live, is all about homes in the city – in all their glorious ordinaryness.

These new designs by Alice Mara aren't yet available to buy on her website; she launches them next month at a group show worth checking out if you can get to southeast London, at the gallery-in-a-house run by contemporary art and design consultancy, Cavaliero Finn. Find out more about the event, or buy work online (from May) here, which takes place as part of the Dulwich Festival on the weekend of 11-12 May.

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